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About us

We have always been trustful colleagues and partners. In the last 30 years we have been building up, making progress and been creative in the field of international transport as well as operating in transport service over Europe and providing warehousing of goods. We are specialised in transporting of volume cargo by 7,5 to 24 T of load capacity and up to 120 m³ space vehicles.

We guarantee effective services in the field of international transport and warehousing of goods and also possess a proper warehouse area. It is our mission to provide customers safe, reliable and on-time transport of goods.

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Tel. +386 3 734 33 26
Fax: +386 3 734 33 28
Mob. +386 31 304 000

TLS d.o.o.
Sp. Rečica 6
3270 Laško

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